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Have you said "I have to learn to live with this now" or "At my age I'm supposed to have aches and pains". The answer is NO, YOU DON'T! This seminar is designed to help you understand some medical conditions and how you don't have to live in pain any longer! Bring your friends! All must register in advance!

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Tuesday May 28th at 6:30m Monday June 3rd at 7:30pm

Learn Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and Energy Work!!

Come to this 2-day Workshop and learn how to improve a wide variety of issues, including these: Depression, Insomnia, Addictions, PTSD, Allergies, Migraines, Pain Management Phobias, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia! We will discuss the REAL CAUSE of these medical conditions and how you can help yourself!! You will learn a variety of energy techniques to balance the energy in your body.

For more information on EFT, Please visit my website Click Here Or visit the Official EFT website Click Here

Corrective Massage Services

Ed is an award winning, licensed and insured, board certified massage therapist who has much experience in helping people recover from injuries and surgeries.  He will evaluate your specific condition and develop a plan of care to assist you in your rehabilitation.  Ed focuses on helping identify your issues to help prevent the injuries from returning.  He has helped many people that have the following conditions and ailments: Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, TMJD, Scoliosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis,Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Migraines, Post Knee Replacements, Hip Problems, and Shoulder Problems! 

Continuing Education for Practitioners

We are an elite and award winning continuing education provider with proven success and expertise in creating dedicated, successful and talented massage therapists. We offer high quality educational programs in advanced therapeutic massage techniques with highly qualified instructors experienced in the industry.  We believe in the values and benefits of massage and demand integrity and respect for the industry!  We have a passion for teaching advanced massage therapy techniques in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Georgia and Florida!  

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“I have found Ed Portley and Just This Side of Heaven Massage to be one of the best places to get just the kind of massage you need.”

"An insightful, caring and holistic therapist who works with numerous modalities to assist his clients in the most effective healing"

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