Full Catalog of Courses for Massage Therapists

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Aromatherapy 1

3 CE hours ($80)

This introductory offering will review and explore basic essential oils chemistry, basics of essential oil botany and have hands on practice utilizing essential oils, discerning single oils from blended oils in their environment and bodywork sessions with their clients.


3 CE hours ($80)

This introductory offering will review current information about the historical as well as current use of essential oils and medicinal plants in everyday health and wellness.  The participant will explore how essential oils can be integrated into their existing personal and professional practice.  The participant will review current guidelines with regard to obtaining various tiered certification and entry level requirements for formal licensure.  Students will have the opportunity to experience essential oils first hand. 

Please note that Aromatherapy 1 is NOT a prerequisite for Aromatherapy 2.



Prerequisites: None. This course is sponsored by the southeastern Pennsylvania chapter of the American Red Cross.  The instructor is a certified instructor to teach the class.  This class is approximately 3 hours in duration and will teach the student how to effectively give CPR and rescue breaths to an individual who suddenly takes ill.  The student will learn how to save a choking victim as well as how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The certification will be valid for a 2-year period following the completion of this course.