Massage Services

Ed is an award-winning licensed and insured massage therapist who has much experience in helping people recover from injuries and surgeries. He will evaluate your specific condition and develop a plan of care to assist you in your rehabilitation. Ed's focus is also to help identify your issues to help prevent the injuries from returning. He has helped many people that have the following conditions and ailments: Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, TMJD, Scoliosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Migraines, Post Knee Replacements, Hip Problems, and Shoulder Problems!

We do not accept insurance as payment. We do accept FSA credit accounts!

About Your First Visit

I have been successful in helping people rid themselves of pains and discomforts due to the soft tissues of the body. You will know after the first session if I am able to help you. If you don’t feel better in that session, then that means I cannot help you. If I have reason to believe that I can’t help you, I will tell you!

Types of Massage

Swedish Massage

This is the type of massage you would find at high-end spas.  It is a light-pressure massage, very relaxing and leaves you quite invigorated!

Medical Massage

A type of focused massage designed to work on muscles related to specific medical conditions like sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia and thoracic outlet syndrome.  The aim is to reduce pain and discomfort and increase range of motion. Work is either performed under the direct supervision of a physician or indirectly by way of a prescription.  Services may be reimbursable through your insurance company. Forward all questions to your insurance provider.

Rehabilitative Massage

This massage is used on individuals who are recovering from an injury or surgery.  Physician's clearance is needed if under care for the specific condition to be treated.  It will help return the individual return to a more normal, functional condition.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is designed to work on problem areas.  This could be area specific for 30 minutes or incorporated into a one hour swedish massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

This will focus on postural muscles, which are located deeper in the body.  There is a level of pain associated with this type of massage. Individuals with medical conditions may be required to contact their primary care physicians prior to receiving this type of massage.

Pregnancy Massage

A perfect way to help relieve the stress of the mother-to-be.  This is a perfect gift a pregnant lady could receive from her family and friends.  It includes focus on the low back and will help with swelling in the lower legs. Designed to be relaxing, it will also improve the health of mother and baby.

Sports Massage

Training for a marathon, bike race, triathalon or other sporting event?  Increase your performance!! You need someone to help remove the lactic acid from your muscles, water doesn't always remove the entire amount.  Combine this with EFT or Touch For health and you can expect to increase your personal best times and performance.

Hot Stone Massage

A wonderful way to relax the body and soothe your muscles!  Enjoy!

Energy Work Services


This is an energy technique designed to increase energy flow through the body.  It improves stagnation of energy and helps you feel relaxed, energized and more in control.  The technique is a very light touch and, at times, no direct contact with the skin. Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Also known as Tapping. This helps to change the way the brain responds to internal and external stimuli by stimulation the meridians

Chakra and Energy Balancing

This session will include a combination of balacing energy with a pendulum, Polarity Therapy and a gentle hands-on/hands-off approach

Touch For Health Kinesiology

This is an energy technique to balance the body using muscle testing.

Types of Energy Work Offered

Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Touch For Health, Emotional Freedom Technique

 Regular Prices

15-minute massage: $25

30-minute massage: $50

60-minute massage: $90

90-minute massage: $120

120-minute massage: $150