Pa Massage Board Meeting December 12, 2017

Hi everyone! These are the notes I took at the meeting. These should not be constued as the official minutes. 

In attendance were representatives from AMTA, NCBTMB AND FSMTB. 

NCBTMB - The presentation described the policies and procedures for all approved providers of continuing education. They were recently upgraded in order to raise the bar on the quality of education that you receive by mandating specific requirements to thise wishing to teach ce’s. They also announced that in the near future they will not be approving any continuing education courses that teach non-hands on energy work. These include modalities such as Crystal healing and distant healing. I would expect that reiki and qigong would be included in this category. 

This information can be found on their website at

FSMTB - The presentation included programs that outline policies for continuing education providers. In the near future, they plan to approve ce providers to teach continuing education and they outlined their policies and procedures. They also discussed and informed the board of a new database system that are implementing. It is called Massage Therapist Licensing Database (MTLD, aka Matilda). Matilda will keep track of lmt’s continuing education and any disciplinary actions that may have been brought against them by their state boards ir judicial systems. At this time, it appears that this system is only available to state biards and not to employers, lmt’s or the public. Things may change in the future, this has yet to be implemented. They will need to work out any bugs in the system. This could take a few years to get up and running.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved with 2 corrections.

FSMTB has on their website a report regarding human traffiking as it pertains to the massage therapy industry. Their website address is